In Love With Florence is a group of licensed tour guides and offers private and personalized tours of the city of Florence, its museums and its territory. Guided tours tailored for everyone: young couples, small groups, families with children.

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Official Tourist Guides of Florence

We are a group of qualified tourist guides with one thing in common: WE ARE IN LOVE WITH FLORENCE!!!

It was the passion and love we nurture for Florence and all of Tuscany that brought us together since a long time and still bonds us.

Our logo carries a heart, a heart that beats faster each time we see the Cathedral’s Dome, the David and the Ponte Vecchio. Our mission is to share all these feelings with you, by offering historical walks, visits to museums, churches and local markets, introducing you to the Italian art and history without forgetting food, anecdotes and those hidden details that will make you live for real an unforgettable Florentine experience.


Our tours are planned for you to get the most out of your stay in our country and they are always performed by a local qualified tourist guide*. We are specialized in guided tours for small groups and we handle every request with accuracy for the smallest details sure as we are that quality can be achieved through customizing your experience.


In Love with Florence is not a travel agency nor a tour operator so does not offer packages including services such as transportation or hotel accommodation.

What is a local qualified Tourist Guide?

Is a freelance professional that guides visitors and interprets the cultural, historical, culinary and natural heritage of a specific territory. Tourist guides are qualified when they possess a specific qualification issued by the recognized and appropriate local authorities, released by previous examination.

Why choosing a local qualified Tourist Guide?

A tour manager, a tour leader or a tour escort are not a LOCAL tourist guide. We believe that only the LOCAL qualified tourist guide has a lifelong and deep knowledge of the territory.
Because the Italian heritage is too vast and varied to be mastered by a professional operating nationwide, only somebody belonging to and living in that territory can offer you the quality experience you may be seeking.



We are an Enabled Tourist Guides group* with one thing in common: we are In Love with Florence! The passion and love we have for Florence and Tuscany brought us together many years ago and keep us together.

Qualified Tourist Guide

Qualified Tourist Guide

Qualified Tourist Guide