In Love With Florence is a group of licensed tour guides and offers private and personalized tours of the city of Florence, its museums and its territory. Guided tours tailored for everyone: young couples, small groups, families with children.

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The Tours you do not expect

These tours were conceived by us at In Love with Florence to offer you something unusual and different from the usual offers.
Hoping to have done something pleasing to many of you, we wish you a good read!

Difficulty: EASY/AVERAGE

Fashionable Florence

Florence lifestyle was always over the top and had a primary role in the evolution of fashion from the 1300s to present days. This tour takes you back to the roots of florentine acclaimed fashion world.
Difficulty: AVERAGE

Inferno tour

Isn´t Dan Brown´s Inferno the best page turner you have ever read? Wouldn´t you like to follow one more time Dr Langdon in his quest? Discover with us step by step the places where the intrigue takes place and the many little secrets that the town has to reveal.
Difficulty: HARD


Are you afraid of heights? Climb up the largest self-supporting dome ever built, to experience a breathtaking lookout, a bird´s eye view of the city from the very top of its cathedral.