In Love With Florence is a group of licensed tour guides and offers private and personalized tours of the city of Florence, its museums and its territory. Guided tours tailored for everyone: young couples, small groups, families with children.

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  /  Andrea Bordigoni

Andrea Bordigoni

Qualified Tourist Guide


I’m Andrea, class 73, Ligurian by birth, Tuscan by adoption and by vocation: my grandparents were Tuscan and after studying in Languages ​​at the University of Pisa I decided to follow the call of family roots and I moved to Tuscany (but still close to the homeland!).

My adventure in the world of tourism began in the 90s as a tour guide around Europe. As a licensed local tourist guide, I have twenty years of experience in the Cinque Terre and ten in Florence.
Years ago a dear friend pointed out to me that I could not help but use my mouth constantly: if I was not smoking it was because I was eating or chatting. Luckily I stopped with bad habits (and I do not smoke anymore) so I have two other great passions: the kitchen and the word!

Besides talking, I like travelling, cooking and enjoying art in all its forms. So I feel like the luckiest person in the world because I always do what I like to do, both during my free time and as a guide!
Doubly lucky because I live every single day in the beauty of my two lands, Liguria and Tuscany. I share with people from all over the globe the breathtaking views of the Cinque Terre and the grandeur of Michelangelo’s David, the taste of fresh Mediterranean fish and Florentine ice cream, the coloured towers houses and the magnificent Renaissance palaces.

Katia and Samantha have the same luck and live my same passions for this we founded In Love With Florence.
Follow us: we are sure that you will also fall in love with our territory!

Email: a.bordigoni@inlovewithflorence.com
Telefono: +39 393 133 9409