In Love With Florence is a group of licensed tour guides and offers private and personalized tours of the city of Florence, its museums and its territory. Guided tours tailored for everyone: young couples, small groups, families with children.

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Court Mecenates and Collections

Difficulty: MEDIUM
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Court Mecenates and Collections

Difficulty: MEDIUM

The Medici house was made up by skillful bankers, powerful businessmen, and lovers of art in all its forms. The House of Lorraine inherited the Gran Duchy of Tuscany after the dying out of the Medici family. They were also attentive and sensitive collectors. Collecting paintings, antique statuary, gems and other valuables, as well as commissioning other precious artwork to the most important artists and goldsmiths, was the way to show off social status and wealth both privately or publicly.

Take a fascinating journey through one of the richest and most prestigious European collections of decorative arts, hosted in the Pitti Palace, once Royal residence, now major museum area. In Love with Florence will give you insights on the life of the famous and bizarre characters who once inhabited the same palace. Reliquary art, lapis, crystals, ivory and important jewelry once belonging to Lorenzo the Magnificent, Cosimo I, Cardinal Leopoldo and Ferdinand III of Lorraine, now displayed for your visual enjoyment.

Half Day Tour (3hrs): Medici Treasury (former Silverwork Museum) at Pitti Palace, Old Bridge and goldsmith workshop.

Visits: guaranteed year-round based on museum/monuments schedule and capacity. The Medici Treasure is closed on Mondays, January 1st, May 1st, December 25th.

The guided tour will be carried out by a qualified tourist guide of In Love with Florence. Meeting at your hotel or other site of your choosing within the downtown area. The tour is a walking tour through the city streets: comfortable footwear is recommended.

Our tours are not fixed: they can be easily tailored to your needs and requirements, ask us about it.

6+ Minimum age
  • What we will see
    Palazzo Pitti (internal courtyard), Tesoro dei Granduchi (formerly Museo degli Argenti), Ponte Vecchio, goldsmith's workshop
  • Recommended clothing
    Walking itinerary, comfortable shoes are recommended.

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