In Love With Florence is a group of licensed tour guides and offers private and personalized tours of the city of Florence, its museums and its territory. Guided tours tailored for everyone: young couples, small groups, families with children.

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Difficulty: HARD
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Difficulty: HARD

Are you afraid of heights? Climb up the largest self-supporting dome ever built to experience a breathtaking lookout, a bird´s eye view of the city from the very top of its cathedral. Brunelleschi started building the dome in 1420 and finished only 14 years later. With In Love with Florence you will climb up the 464 steps concealed within its structure and will learn about the skillful building technology used for such a swift construction.

If you have any energy left, we may use it to visit the Town Hall tower (300 ft).

After burning all those calories we could end the tour with a sweet treat.

Guided tour 3 hours: Cathedral Square, Climb of the Dome, Climb the Town Hall Tower (optional)

Note: these are very strenuous climbs and only meant for the very fit. There are no elevators. Access to the Tower is suspended in the event of rain. No access for children under 6 years of age. Visitors with a disability, heart condition or asthma, or who suffer from vertigo or claustrophobia, are strongly advised against attempting the climb. All visitors under 18 years of age must be accompanied by an adult.

Tours: guaranteed year-round based on museum/monuments schedule and capacity.

The guided tour will be carried out by a qualified tourist guide of In Love with Florence. Meeting at your hotel or other site of your choosing within the downtown area. The tour is a walking tour through the city streets: comfortable footwear is recommended.

Our tours are not fixed: they can be easily tailored to your needs and requirements, ask us about it.

6+ Minimum age
  • What we will see
    Piazza del Duomo (esterni), Salita alla Cupola, Piazza della Signoria, Salita alla Torre di Arnolfo (facoltativo)
  • Recommended clothing
    Walking itinerary, comfortable shoes are recommended. Not recommended for visitors with mobility difficulties, heart patients, asthmatics, those suffering from vertigo and claustrophobia.

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